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11/17/2010:   Post 1960 Washington Jr. High Yearbook photo album.
11/10/2010:   Remove Barbara Werner-Nickoloff from missing list.
11/10/2010:   Mark the passing of classmate Timothy J. Gingrich.
10/18/2010:   Post link to 1963 Commencement Announcement
10/18/2010:   Reorganize and update Photos Page.
10/12/2010:   Add a Coffee Clutch page for impromptu meetings of classmates.
10/12/2010:   Post link to 1960 Student Handbook.
10/07/2010:   Mark the passing of classmate Darleen R. Collins-Ziolkowski.
10/01/2010:   Post link to 1963 Bacculaurate on UTUBE on photo and weblink pages.
10/01/2010:   Post 1958 Fort Gratiot Jr. High Yearbook PDF file.
10/01/2010:   Post 1958 Washinton Jr. High Yearbook PDF file.
10/01/2010:   Post fun time no reason luncheon, Marysville Tim Horton's, Noon, Oct. 12.
09/28/2010:   Add FACEBOOK link to Wanda Hunt-Pratt's PHHS Class of 1963 to Home Page.
09/27/2010:   Update 50th Reunion Plans.
09/27/2010:   Add a Change of Address form to HOME PAGE.
09/27/2010:   Update Veterans page with George Gordons's military info.
09/25/2010:   Remove Eileen Nordgren from missing list.
09/24/2010:   Post photo of Garfield Elementary class photo 1950 photo.
09/24/2010:   Post photo of Garfield Girls Basketball 1960 photo.
09/18/2010:   Remove Kathryn Mahaffy from missing list.
08/23/2010:   Mark the passing of classmate Judith A. Burns-Perry.
08/09/2010:   Mark the passing of classmate Mary Elizabeth Duncan-Kliemann.
08/08/2010:   Mark the passing of classmate Karen Wilson-Easley.
07/27/2010:   UpdateVeterans page with Gary Hock's military info.
07/07/2010:   Add Karen Knill-Swanson's email address to message board.
06/24/2010:   Correct spelling of Jerry Soderberg's last name on UPDATE page.
06/24/2010:   Remove Gerald (Jerry) Soderberg from missing list.
06/15/2010:   Add Sylvia Fogle-Pattison's email address to message board.
06/02/2010:   Add Dorothy Newman-Smith's email address to message board.
05/11/2010:   Update Max Brown's email address to message board.
05/04/2010:   Add Carol Ward-Allen's email address to message board.
05/04/2010:   Remove Carol Ward-Allen from missing list.
05/04/2010:   Add link to our 1963 Student yearbook to photograph page.
02/10/2010:   Remove Jackie Kaufmann-Scott from missing list.
01/25/2010:   Post Dale Satterlee and wife of 46 years photo.
01/25/2010:   Post Dale Satterlee's email message and email address.
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