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Mar. 14, 2024
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Click here to view the VietNam Memorial ... virtual wall   <— click to see names on the wall.
Click here to view veterans that attended 2013 reunion ... 2013 Reunion Veterans   <— click to see photo and names.

 Alexander, Jay ² SGT USAF '67-'71
 Appleford, Dick ²,³ STG2 USN '64-'68 aboard the USS Brownson (DD868), with a tour in Vietnam
 Armstrong, Ralph ³ SGT USAF'65-'69
 Arnett, Stanley SGT USAF '66-'69
 Badley, Charles ³ USArmy '65-'68, served in Vietnam in '66-'67
 Bailey, Richard ² USN Service documented in online records, no specifics mentioned.
 Balmer, Richard ² USN  
 Bartlett, William ²,³ SP4 USArmy Vietnam
 Battle, Samuel ² SP4 USArmy  
 Berdan, Larry ²,³ YN3 USN Vietnam, buried in Allied Veteran's Cemetery, Port Huron
 Betts, Richard ² EM2 USN '63-'67 USS Claud Jones (DE1033)
 Bivins, John ²,³  USArmy Vietnam, three tours, buried in Allied Veteran's Cemetery, Port Huron
 Burrows, Mike ³ STG3 USN '67-'69, USS Finch, DER328, with 9 months in Vietnam
 Butler, A. Larry  
 Coleman, Terry ² USAF '63-'67
 Cook, Michael USN '68-'72 Naval Jet Training Squadron, TX and Moffett Field, Bay Area, CA
 Coronado, Gabe USMC '63 - '66 2nd Battalion 9th Marines Vietnam, 1st & 3rd Marine Division
 Cressman, Larry YN3 USN Sept. '69 - June '71
 Crockett, Stanley USN '66-'68 USS Norfolk
 Davis, Richard H ³ USArmy Vietnam
 Davis, Richard L ²,³ SP4 USArmy '65-'66 Vietnam
 Dease, Clifford G ²,³ USN Vietnam
 Drake, Darwin ² USArmy  
 Dunn, David CAPT USACE U.S. Army Corp. of Enginners, Germany;
 Emunson, Don MM USN Vietnam
 Essenmacher, Patrick ²   USN  
 Ferdinand, Peter LTCOL Ger. Army '64-'65 engineer corp, heavy engineering battalion
 Gaffney, Tom ²,³ USN Vietnam
 Garrett, Ronald ²   USAF Six years
 Gauthier, John YN1 USCG '63-'77
 Gavin, Michael ² SGT USAF '63-'68 Aircraft electronics, Okinawa, Settle, WA
 Gordon, George ³ TM3 USNR '67-'68 USS Henry A. Walke (DD723) - Vietnam
 Gould, Phillip J USN  
 Grant, George USN  
 Gray, Frank ²,³ RM? USN Vietnam, Adak, Alaska
 Greene, Milton N. MM3 USN 1967 Norfolk, VA.
 Grove, Lawrence ²,³ HMC USN Vietnam
 Guitar, Brian ² USN Stationed in the Philippines
 Gurnsey, Mike ² USArmy  
 Hale, Robert ³ USArmy '67-'68 1st Infantry Div., Huey Helicopter Crew Chief, Vietnam
 Harwood, Rusty SGT USAF '64-'68 Served at Wheelus Airbase, Tripoli, Libya
 Heering, Richard ³ SGT USArmy '68-'70 4th Infantry - Vietnam
 Hock, Gary ³ SP5 USArmy '65-'67 9th Logistical Command, Korat and Sattahip, Thailand.
 Hollenshead, Neill ² 1st LT USArmy '71 - '79 Fort Eustis, VA. Army Resv. Ann Arbor & Charlottesville, VA;
 Horn, Earl ² USN
 Howey, James V. ² USArmy Stationed in Germany
 Huebner, Charles CMDR USN '67-'72 Flew P3s in Navy Patrol Squadrons, Anti Submarine Warfare
 Huff, G. Robert ²,³ CPL USMC Vietnam
 Jackson, Brent ³ SGT USMC '67-'68 Vietnam
 Jaskoski, Michael ³ CS2 USN '66-'68. USS Monrovia (APA 31) 
 Johnson, Larry MSG ANG '67-'73 GBR/Dril Instructor, Fort Ord, CA
 Johnson, Richard SP5 USArmy '66-'68 Military Police (CID), Korea
 Jurk, Dale ² A1C USAF '63-'67 Germany
 Keeley, Richard SSgt USArmy '63-'67 Jet engine specialist, New Hampshire and Guam
 Kellogg, Jeffrey ³ SP5 USArmy '69-'71 Vietnam
 Kellogg, Noel ³ SP5 USArmy '67-'69 Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX. Missile command
 Kemp, James R. SGT USAF '68-'72 Tours in Alaska & Germany as Telecommunications Specialist
 King, Ralph ³ RD- USN Radarman, deployed three times to Vietnam, served 4 yrs, 8 mos.
 Kinna, Jerry ²,³ SK3 USN Served aboard USS Belknap, DLG-26 while in Vietnam
 LaLonde, Jack ²,³ USArmy Vietnam
 Lang, Mary PFC USArmy '63-'65 Fort MeClelland & Valley Forge Gen. Hosp., Phoenixville, PA
 Lixey, Dennis ³ A1C USAF '63-'67 Vietnam
 Loga, Arnold ²,³ USMC Vietnam
 Marks, Kenneth ²,³ SGT USMC '64-'68 multiple tours to Vietnam
 Marlette, Thomas ²,³ FTG2 USN '64-'68 USS Ranger (CVA 61), 3 tours to Vietnam
 Marshall, John R. MM1(SS) USN '65-'77 multiple tours aboard fast attack submarines
 McMorran, Hugh ²,³ SP5  USArmy Vietnam
 Miller, Dale ²   USAF '66-'70, air traffic controller
 Mitchell, Don CAPT USN  
 Mitchell, Tom SGT USArmy '67-'69, Hawaii
 Mudie, Larry G. ²,³ SP5  USArmy '66-'69, Vietnam '67-'68
 Nicholson, Gary ² COL USArmy Retired
 Niebauer, Tom ²,³ LT USN '67-'72 Flew A-6 Intruders, seen duty in Vietnam
 Novak, Gary ² USN  
 O'Brien, James ²,³ USArmy Vietnam, helicopter crew chief
 Osborne, Ed ³ SGT USAF Sept. '65 - Jan. 69, thirteen months in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, civil engineers
 Parr, Rick USN  
 Patterson, Len ET1(SS) USN '65-'71 Submarine USS George Washington SSBN598 (Blue crew)
 Peck, Gary ² USArmy  
 Perukel, Peter ²,³ USArmy '65-'67 Vietnam, recipient of a Purple Heart.
 Pesano, Teddy ³ LTC USArmy Retired after 22+ years, after duty in Vietnam and Korea.
 Pilat, Jerome ²,³ PO2 USN Vietnam
 Reynolds, Robert USMC '65-'69 Aircraft technician, El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, CA.
 Ross, Robert CAPT USArmy '67-'69 Quarter Master Corp., Fort Lee, Virginia
 Rowe, Robert
 Rylander, Art. ²,³ USAF Two tours Vietnam, awarded 17 medals, Retired Air Force after 22 years.
 Sass, Eldon USN
 Schattler, Norm ²,³ USArmy Bravo Battery 1, 40th Field Artillery in Vietnam
 Schmidt, Jon F. USN  
 Schneider, Chris SN USN '63-'66 USS Stark County, LST-1134, Hawaii 
 Schnur, Barry PS3 USN  
 Schuck, Leigh ²,³ USArmy Chemist in Vietnam
 Shevnock, Don SP5 USArmy '66-'68 Bad Kreuznach, Germany - Medic 
 Slack, Wesley ² SGTUSArmy '67-'69 Special Forces, Panama; USArmy HQ Europe, Germany
 Sokoloff, Mark ² USArmy '67-'69 
 Spencer, Larry USAF '63-'69 Russian linguist, Indiana Univ., Karamursel Turkey, and Offutt AFB
 Stein, Tom ² USN  
 Tacie, Clifford ²   USAF  
 Tallant, Edward ² US Army Active duty '63-'66
 Teeple, Wayne ¹ SP4 USArmy '68-'69 9th Infantry Div., KIA Mar 3, 1969, Vinh Long, South Vietnam
 Tracy, Ronald ²   USN  
 VanEvery, Richard ²,³ MSgt USAF Vietnam - Retired
 Warshefski, Jack MSgt ARNG Retired - 1963 til 1995
 Waun, Michael ²,³ SGT USMC '63-'67 Vietnam, SGT of Brigg in Pearl Harbor
 Weis, James A. ³ BT3 USN '64-'67 Aboard the USS Astabula (AO-51), Vietnam, Tonkin Gulf
 Weiss, Peter ²,³ USArmy '63-'67 Vietnam, 82nd Medical Detachment (Dust Off Helo Amb)
 Wheelihan, Robt. ²,³ USArmy '67-'70 Vietnam
 White, Dennis SP5 USArmy '67-'69 68th Armor, Germany
 Williamson, Maurice ² CWO4 USN Retired after 28 years
 Woods, Richard C. ² ³ SP4 USArmy 1964 I Corp Honor Guard, 1965 1st Infantry Division, Vietnam
 Woolley, Donald USAF Vietnam
 Workman, Carmen ²,³ SGT USAF Vietnam
 Yeo, William ²,³ SP4 USArmy '66-'68 Medic 25th Inf.Div., Chu Chi, Vietnam
 Young, Richard ² SP4 USArmy  

¹  KIA - Killed In Action
²  Passed away post military service
³  Vietnam Veteran
Total Classmate Veterans:  114 of 646   or  17.65%  of class.
Number of Veterans of all classmates that have passed: 61 of 253 or  24.11% 
Number of Vietnam Veterans of total Veterans: 50 of 114  or 43.86%
Number of Vietnam Veterans passed of total Vietnam Veterans: 32 or 64.00%
Number of Veterans still living: 53 of 114  or 46.49%

Anyone knowing the name of a classmate who served and possibly died in the defense of our country should submit the name of that veteran and the veteran's status to Len Patterson.
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