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Adams, Linda (Nechemias) Linda Adams-Nechemias' graphic image
UPDATE: Mar. 24, 2018
Adams, Sharon (Kaiser) Shari Adams-Kaiser's email image
UPDATE: May 6, 2013
Alvinger, Maj (Bergman) Maj Alvinger-Bergman's email image
UPDATE: May 19, 2013
Hi Everyone!
When my American family (the Davidsons) informed me long time ago that the reunion was coming up I knew I had to come! My year with you guys at the PHHS 62-63 has often been on my mind with the exception when I gave birth to my two daughters!!! When I play the ukulele given to me by my scout troop in PH, and also when: I try to sew and mend things like Mrs. Harriet Davidson always did, and also when I attend parties at the American Club in Stockholm.
I am coming with my husband Ulf (since 35 years) and we will be travelling a little after the reunion in Michigan and later also to Canada. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the parties and dance the line dances again (I have not danced line dances since my last reunion 25 years ago)!!!
Love to you all, until we meet at the party!
Maj Alvinger (still married Bergman, the wrong Bergman!!!)
Bailey, Barb (Gillespie) Barb Bailey's graphic image
Bell, Barbara (Eschker) Barbara Bell-Eschker's graphic image
UPDATE: July 30, 2013
   Great reunion last night - just ended too soon!! My husband & I had a great time - he's from Avoca, Mi & graduated in 1962 from Yale Mi - but we'll forgive him for that! We had problems with a mail hacker in the spring, so had to redo our email account & forgot to add my email request to you.
   Hope to hear from some more classmates - we are in Ortonville, Mi until Nov 1, then off to Port Charlotte, Fl where I teach line dancing until April when we'll be back to Ortonville.
   Barbara Bell (Eschker)
Birtch, Sandra (Newell)  
Broken email address.
Boomer, Sharon (Hall) Sharon Boomer-Hall's graphic image
UPDATE: June 8, 2016
Brooks, Sharon (Twist) Sharon Boomer-Hall's graphic image
UPDATE: July 26, 2016
   Leonard, thanks for your concern for my well being. The heart Doc. said my heart is doing well and those (2) light heart attacks did not take place. Go figure - PRAISE THE LORD!.
   I have a boyfriend ... Got off the internet. I have 20 acres and it (the computer) was robbing my time and I was playing too many games, wasn't getting my yard work done or house work. So, I gave my printer & computer to my granddaughter. I have never felt better. I guess it just took a boyfriend to give me a zest for life. Amazing what you guys do to us.
   Say hi to all for me and the best of health to you too.
P.S. You can share the news to my friends.
Brown, Donald "Max" Max Brown's graphic image
UPDATE: Dec. 23, 2018
Campbell, Lenora (Anderson) Lenora Campbell-Anderson's graphic image
Carson, Marilyn (Budde) Marilyn Carson-Budde's graphic image
Cline, Carolyn (Soroka) Carolyn Cline-Soroka's graphic image
Coronado, Gabe Gabe Coronado's graphic image
Davis, Richard H. Richard H. Davis's graphic image
Emerick, Carol Vass Carol Emerick-Vass' graphic image
Ferdinand, Peter Peter Ferdinand's graphic image
UPDATE: Feb. 1, 2013
I want you to know, that I am not missing in action! Since I "have to" attend a wedding of my daughter in Switzerland in July, I am not able to join you at the reunion. I wish you very much success and a very pleasant time. Some of the names in the list I recall quite well e.g. Karen Bloxom, Larry Butler, Chuck Carr, Dave Dunn, Mary Fenner, Dale Jurk, Joanne King-Westrick, Mark Sokoloff, Holly Ulmer - and of course my fellow-exchangestudents Maj Alvinger-Bergman and Connie Ruebig-Schecker.
With my best regards
Dr. Peter Ferdinand
Fiedler, Tom Tom Fiedler's graphic image
UPDATE: Oct. 9, 2017
Fockler, Pam (Savalle) Pam Fockler-Savalle's graphic image  
UPDATE: May 6, 2013
It would be so great to hear from old friends near and far! There are so many people I have thought of over the years and have wondered about. So get in touch, y'all!!!
Gauthier, John John Gauthier's graphic image   NEW gif text.
UPDATE: Dec. 28, 2021
Gilroy, Michael Michael Gilroy's graphic image
UPDATE: Feb. 1, 2013
Hope to see all my 1963 classmates at our 50th high school reunion.
Since graduation, life has taken me through 11 years of college, jobs in Pennsylvania and Florida, before finding my niche and spending thirty years as legal counsel to The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia. All that came to an end in 2007, when Leslie and I retired on Hilton Head Island.
Although it’s been (almost) 50 years with virtually no contact, I was amazed to recognize and remember over 60 of my classmates from our 1963 yearbook. Sadly, a few have passed away; but lots and lots are still with us. I look forward to seeing all of them for our 50th reunion.
All the best,
Mike Gilroy
You may post my email address on the website.
Goldstein, Marilyn Varty Marilyn Goldstein-Varty's graphic image
UPDATE: July 30, 2013
Gordon, George George Gordon's graphic image
UPDATE: June 13, 2013
You may post my email address on the website.
 Hall B. Sue Sue Hall-Mathison's graphic image
UPDATE: August 06, 2013
 Harris, Jan Bond Jan Harris-Bond graphic image
 Hering, Skip Skip Hering's graphic image
UPDATE: July 06, 2016
Regretfully "Skip" passed away Feburay 2016, but you can contact his wife, Joanna at this same email address.
 Hock, Gary Gary Hock graphic image
Hi Wanda:
Gary Hock here.
My wife Marlene and I are planning to attend the Reunion. It will be the first time that I have been to one, and am looking forward to this. Hope to see ya soon, if not before...
Gary R. Hock
Hoover, Pam Kellar Pam Hoover-Kellar's email image
UPDATE: Aug. 8, 2015
 Hostetter, George George Hostetter graphic image
 Huebner. Charlie Charlie Huebner graphic image
 Hunt, Wanda (Pratt) Wanda Hunt Pratt graphic image
Greetings Classmates of '63,Dec 21, 2012
Looking very forward to seeing lots of people at our 50th reunion next July 27. Plans are being made, friendships are being rekindled and we are all getting excited. Please check the web site, or our FACEBOOK page (Port Huron High School 1963) for details as they become available. Also watch your mailbox for invitations in 2013.
Love hearing from classmates by email or snail mail. (I keep my yearbook handy to refresh my memory)
Wanda Hunt Pratt
Johnson, Richard Richard Johnson's graphic image
UPDATE: July 30, 2013
Subject: Job Well Done
I would also like to give Sharon and the committee a big thank you for the job well done. I would also like to thank Len for the outstanding job he has done on our web page. He has put a great effort into it to see that everyone was informed. It is a lot of work and time. I must have slowed down because there was a few classmates that I didn't catch up with. Maybe next time it should be a four day for us old people. Live today because tomorrow is not a given! Please post and thanks to all again.
(signed) Richard
Kirby, George "Bing" Geo. "Bing" Kirby's graphic image
UPDATE: April 28, 2016
Knill, Karen (Swanson) Karen Knill-Swanson's graphic image
Krenke, Heather (Friedel) Heather Krenke-Friedel's graphic image
UPDATE: March 22, 2018
LaFrance, Nancy Nancy LaFrance's graphic image
Lang, Mary (Stovall) Mary Lang Stovall's graphic image
UPDATE: May 29, 2013
Classmates of '63,
Sorry I will not be attending the 50th reunion but wish all a good time.
Mary Lang Stovall
MacPherson, Lynne (McLain-Stephens-Dear) Lynne MacPherson's graphic image
 Marlette, Laura Huebner Laura Marlette Huebner graphic image
Marshall, John R.  
Broken email address. - 11 Nov. 2020
Miller, Jim Jim Miller's graphic image
UPDATE: August 06, 2013
Moore, Robert "Bob" Bob Moore's graphic image
Nedela, Louise Louise Nedela's graphic image
UPDATE: Dec. 24, 2017
Neff, Madelynne (Lane) Madelynne Neff graphic image
 O'Neil, Sandra (Koppelberger) Sandra O'Neil's graphic image
UPDATE: April 25, 2023Updated email address.
O'Rourke, Patricia (Ronan) Patricia O'Rourke-Ronan's graphic image
UPDATE: Jan. 5, 2013
Please add my email address to your webpage for others to see... S. O'Neil Kopp.... mentioned that there were usually a couple of day of events. Thanks for everything. Amazing job on the web/information pages.
Pat O'Rourke-Ronan
Osborne, Ed Ed Osborne's graphic image
UPDATE: Mar. 28, 2015
 Patterson, Leonard Leonard Patterson graphic image
I hope that this web page proves useful for all of the classmates as the reunion is fast approaching. Sue and I plan to be there. I wouldn't miss it no matter how old and fat I may look. These times do not come often enough.
 Payton, Judi (Brackenbury) Judi Payton-Brackenbury's graphic image
 Pesano, Teddy Teddy Pesano's graphic image
 Postill-Hostetter, Judy Judy Postill-Hostetter graphic image
Ruebig, "CiCi" Schecker CiCi Ruebig-Schecker's graphic image
 Satterlee, Dale Dale Satterlee's graphic image
UPDATE: May 19, 2017
Simerson, Margaret Nicholson Garth Nicholson's graphic image
Soderberg, Jerry Jerry Soderberg's graphic image
UPDATE: April 12, 2022
Len, please update my home address on the message board.
5003 176th SW Apt #A
Lynnwood, WA 98037
Thank you,
Jerry Soderberg
Swett, Madlyn Blom  
UPDATE: May 6, 2015
VanNess, Larry Larry VanNess' graphic image
UPDATE: April 11, 2013
Please note, that the email address is made up of "zeros" NOT "OHs".
Varty, Bob Bob Varty's graphic image
UPDATE: July 30, 2013
 Walsh, Betty Jo (Loeprich) Betty Jo Walsh-Leoprich's graphic image
UPDATE: Feb. 21, 2013
 Ward, Carol (Allen) Carol Ward-Allen's graphic image
UPDATE: Sep. 05, 2018
Werner, Barbara (Nickoloff) Barbara Werner-Nickoloff's graphic image
Wilson, Susan E. (Katonak) Susan Wilson-Katonak's graphic image
Wirsing, Marilyn (Kuehn) Marilyn Wirsing-Kuehn's graphic image
UPDATE: Sep. 25, 2013
Yeo, Bill  
UPDATE: January 26, 2015
Hi Everyone!
I am sorry to write this but Bill has passed away. In September they found a brain tumor and removed it. He then had chemo but after 2 treatments the cancer was back and growing fast. He spent the last 5 months in the hospital and VA care center in Phoenix. They took wonderful care of him and he did not know where he was or what was going on. I went everyday to be with him and most of the time he knew me, so after 39 years of marriage I said goodbye Saturday 24 of January at 6:45 p.m. He is being cremated this week and will be buried in the VA cemetery in Phoenix. There is no funeral as he did not want one, but I wanted you to know what happened to him.

Regrets, Connie

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