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Last update:  Aug. 23, 2023
August 29, 2008
Registered til:
August 21, 2025
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From Len Patterson:

Hello, I'm glad you are visiting this special page. Because without the following persons, this web site may not exist today. Each of these fellow classmates from Port Huron High School, Class of 1963 want to encourage continued communication.

With their support I can continue to post items the past, present and future. Thanks for their contributions, I have been able to extent the subscription for two more years. You can see the latest statement by clicking on the following link: Subscription Payment Receipt 8/20/2023.

I have personally made a point to thank each one of them. This is my tribute to them, and my purpose to let you know who you too owe a thank you.!

Blessings and a well deserved thank you,
Len Patterson


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