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The 50th Year Reunion July 27th, 2013, McMorran Junior Arena.
Activity:   Reunion Party
When:   July 27, 2013
Where:   McMorran Junior Arena
Cocktails:   Begin @ 4 PM (5 hour open bar)
Dinner:   6:00 PM
Dinner menu:   Catered by: Beastro Catering
    Menu: Beastro Menu
    Entrees: Roast Beef, Chicken Marsala
    Salads: Select garden fresh tossed w/ homemade ranch and Italian dressings, Fruit
    Sides: Mashed potatoes, rice pilaf
    Vegetables: Supreme Green beans, ?
    Desserts: Homemade pies and cakes
Cost:   $50 each
Attire:   Casual
Cashier's Check or Money Order
Payable to:
   Sharon (Seibert) Whiting, 4025 Aletha Lane, Port Huron. 48060

Lose your invitation or you didn't receive one yet? ...print your own: Invitation 2013.
   — Deadline: Reservations should be received no later than July 10th NEW gif text.
   — Please take the time to completely fill out the form!
    We're having a party & we want everyone to come. Boat rides, Dancing, Memories and more...are planned for our 50th Reunion.
  • Facts: Invitations were sent to 118 out of state, 8 out of country, and 283 Michigan classmates. A total of 410 invitations, not including committee members were sent out. I have 645 classmates on the roster, 118 have passed, 29 missing, and a hand full who declined an invite.
    Friday, July 26th
  • Huron Lady Boat Ride — 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM   — Deadline: ASAP, ONLY 4 reservations remain NEW gif text.
  •       Limited to first 100 persons. It will be a 3 hour tour that will culminate at the Port Huron Yacht Club. The cost is $15.00 USD per person.
          NOTE: Sharon will be at the boat dock at 5 PM with the authorization list and tickets necessary for the boat ride. NEW gif text.
  • Party at the Port Huron Yacht Club — 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  •       No admission charge, but cash bar. Please check the invite box, it would be helpful to know about how many to expect. The party will feature our own Charlie Winters and his band.
    Saturday, July 27th
  • Dinner Dance — 4:00 PM - Midnight
  •       The cost is $50.00 USD per person. There will be a 5 hour open bar. The meal will be buffet style with plenty of choices on entree, side dishes and desserts.
    Sunday, July 28th
  • Picnic at Lakeside Park — 11:00 AM - ??
  •       The cost is $10.00 USD per person.
    PRE-order Souvenirs Buys
       — Extended Deadline: CALL SHARON FOR LAST MINUTE ORDERS NEW gif text.
  • Sweat shirts: The cost is $18.00 USD per shirt.
  • T-shirts: The cost is $10.00 USD per shirt.
  •    Each sweat shirt and T-shirt features art work by our own John Whiting with the last names of all 1963 members and graduates. Pre-ordered sweat shirts and t-shirts will be available on Friday, July 26th.
    PLACES TO STAY — click on a hotel name to link to their information/reservation page.
  • Comfort Inn
       1700 Yeager
       Port Huron — Phone: 810.982.5500
  • Hampton Inn
       1655 Yeager
       Port Huron — Phone: 810.966.9000
  • Fairfield Inn (w/pool)
       1635 Yeager
       Port Huron — Phone: 810.982.8500
  • Best Western
       2282 Water St
       Port Huron — Phone: 810.987.1600
  • Quality Inn (w/pool)
       1720 Hancock
       Port Huron — Phone: 810.987.5999
  • Amerihost Inn
       161 N. Range Rd
       Kimball — Phone: 810.364.8000
  • Super 8 (w/pool)
       1484 Gratiot Blvd.
       Marysville — Phone: 810.364.7500
  • Thomas Edison Inn
       500 Thomas Edison Pkwy
       Port Huron — Phone: 810.984.8000
     The Edison Inn is currently being remodelled into a Double Tree by Hilton, may or may not be taking reservations. NO GUARANTEES!
    PLACES TO SEE — click on any of the links below.
  • Fort Gratiot Light Station
  • Port Huron Museum
  • Thomas Edison Train Depot Museum
  • Knowlton's Ice Museum
  • Great Lakes Maritime Center
  • Huron Lady Boat Rides
  • Blue Water Trolly Ride Tours
  • Discover the Blue - Search for yourself
    Yes, I am attending  Ackerman, Wilanne H. Kimball
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    Yes, I am attending  Adams, Sharon C. Kaiser
    Yes, I am attending  Alexis, Linda R. Vanderlake Star of Recognition
    Yes, I am attending  Almanza, Emily
    Yes, I am attending  Alvinger, Maj M. Bergman
    Yes, I am attending  Arnett, Stanley K.
    Yes, I am attending  Atfield, Caryl Butler
    Yes, I am attending  Badgerow, Linda J. Fretenborough
    Yes, I am attending  Badley, Charles A.
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    Yes, I am attending  Booth, Marilyn R. Epps Star of Recognition
    Yes, I am attending  Bowl, Elizabeth G.
    Yes, I am attending  Bronson, Mary J. Winters
    Yes, I am attending  Brooks, Sharon G. Twist
    Yes, I am attending  Brown, Donald H.
    Yes, I am attending  Budinger, Nancy J.
    Yes, I am attending  Campbell, Lenora K. Anderson
    Yes, I am attending  Carson, Marilyn J. Budde
    Yes, I am attending  Cline, Carolyn K. Soroka
    Yes, I am attending  Crawford, Gary A.
    Yes, I am attending  Cressman, Joel L.
    Yes, I am attending  Crouch, James L.
    Yes, I am attending  Cumming, Carol S. Griffin Star of Recognition
    Yes, I am attending  Dangremond, Joan Fuller
    Yes, I am attending  Davis, Cheryl L.
    Yes, I am attending  Dunn, David B.
    Yes, I am attending  Eckenswiller, Pauline K.
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    Yes, I am attending  Fogle, Sylvia Pattison
    Yes, I am attending  Gallacher, Sandra K.
    Yes, I am attending  George, Peter
    Yes, I am attending  Gibbs, Susan K.
    Yes, I am attending  Gilroy, Michael J.
    Yes, I am attending  Goldstein, Marilyn M. Varty
    Yes, I am attending  Gordon, George E.
    Yes, I am attending  Grant, George J.
    Yes, I am attending  Green, Suzanne E. Bassett
    Yes, I am attending  Gurnsey, Michael K.
    Yes, I am attending  Guy, Constance A.
    Yes, I am attending  Hale, Robert J.Star of Recognition
    Yes, I am attending  Hall, Barbara Sue
    Yes, I am attending  Hancock, Barbara H.
    Yes, I am attending  Hardy, Katherine J. Kellogg
    Yes, I am attending  Harrington, Gloria J.
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    Yes, I am attending  Hobbs, Martha Camm
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    Yes, I am attending  Horn, Earl
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    Yes, I am attending  Keeley, Richard E.
    Yes, I am attending  Kellogg, Jeffrey C.
    Yes, I am attending  Kemp, James R. Star of Recognition
    Yes, I am attending  Kerr, A. Raymond
    Yes, I am attending  Kimball, William D.
    Yes, I am attending  King, Don
    Yes, I am attending  King, Joanne Westrick
    Yes, I am attending  King, Ralph E.
    Yes, I am attending  Kirby, George
    Yes, I am attending  Klohn, Kay F.
    Yes, I am attending  Knill, Karen Swanson
    Yes, I am attending  Knowles, John
    Yes, I am attending  Kolberg, Carol Watson
    Yes, I am attending  Kraft, Carolyn S. Beck
    Yes, I am attending  Krenke, Heather L.
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    Yes, I am attending  Lange, Linda D. Nugent
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