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The Port Huron High School Class of 1963 presents an overview of it's web site.
The following individuals pages are used within this web site. Each is an illustration of it's intent. Report all errors to the web master.

Click here for the home page of the Port Huron High Big Reds class of 64 — The Port Huron High School, Port Huron, Michigan presents it classmates, memories, reunions past and future on its registered web page.
Click here to see a complete list of classmates in the PHHS Class of 1963. — This page contains a complete list of classmates in Port Huron High School Class of 1963.
Click here to see 55th Reunion details, date, time, and place. — Visit this page to view the details of the 55th year, 2018 reunion, the where, the when, the attire, the menu, the entertainment.
Click here to see names of missing classmates. Do you know where they are? — The PHHS Class of 1963 has many classmates who we are not able to locate. We could use your assistance in finding any of them. Please contact the web master.
Click here to see who attended the past reunion? Who did not? — This page contains a list of the entire class, whether of not they attended the last reunion, agenda, menu, who attended.
Click here to see class memories, classmates, and more. — The photos page presents images of the class graduation, Memorial Stadium, mascot, the current high school and over 200 images of the 45th & 50th reunions.
Click here to see an alphbetical list of classmates who have passed away. — The Port Huron Class of 1963 has lost over 171 classmates since graduation. Please take a moment to review the many names of those no longer with us.
Click here to see read messages and email addresses of classmates. — Many classmates have chosen to post a message and sometimes their email address. Many have express an interest in hearing from others. Should you like your address or message posted, please contact the web master.
Click here to see web page updates and classmate news. — This page presents the latest updates for classmates and the web page. It will make it easer to find the updates and keep in touch without having to search the entire web site.
Click here to see the 100 veterans in our class. — This page provides a tribute those classmates that served our country, our flag.
Click here to see favorite web links. — This page provides links to various local web sites.
Click here to see sponsors for this web site. — This page provides a tribute to those classmates providing support for this web site.
Click here to see site reponsibilities and representation. — Click here to see site reponsibilities and representation.
Click here to see the website in one view. — This page presents a short synopsis of the web site, and the intent of each page. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you sponsors, one and all.
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