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The following are the 2009 updates. If you would like to submit an item, email Len Patterson
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12/13/2009:   UpdateVeterans page with Richard Davis' military info.
12/07/2009:   Add classmate photos from our senior yearbook
12/07/2009:   Who wrote our fight song? The answer can be found on our web site. Can you find it?
11/29/2009:   Update weblinks, add link for Class of '61 - Gathering in Arizona 2010 gathering.
11/21/2009:   Update Judi Payton-Brackenbury email - Gathering in Arizona 2010 gathering?
10/08/2009:   Update Don Mitchell, Gary Nicholson and Ted Pesano's info on the Veterans page.
10/04/2009:   Mark the passing of classmate Thomas Neibeaur.
09/24/2009:   Update Wesley Slack's info on the Veterans page.
09/24/2009:   Remove Wesley Slack from missing list.
09/02/2009:   Update Linda Adams-Nechemias email address.
09/02/2009:   UpdateVeterans page with William Yeo, Gary Novak info.
08/19/2009:   Remove Carl "Skip" Hering from missing list.
08/18/2009:   Add Charles and Laura Marlette-Huebner to Sponsors page. Thank you!
08/11/2009:   Announced Veterans & Weblinks pages and renewal to 08/21/2014!
07/25/2009:   Add Marianne Kemp-Blank, Robert Hale, Richard Johnson to Sponsors page. Thank you!
07/25/2009:   Add Gary and Marlene Hock to sponsors page. THANK YOU! Sponsors page. Thank you!
07/22/2009:   Applied funds to renew site for 3 years. THANK YOU!
07/22/2009:   Funds for web page support, check out the Sponsors page!
07/13/2009:   Mark the passing of classmate Sheila M. Berk-Echlin.
07/02/2009:   Remove Madlyn Swett-Blom from missing list.
06/28/2009:   Add Judi Payton-Brackenbury's email address and notes.
06/03/2009:   Remove William "Bill" Yeo from missing list.
05/24/2009:   Mark the passing of classmate Nancy L. Green-Ceasor.
04/13/2009:   Mark the passing of classmate Sharon Widdows-Blain.
04/11/2009:   Mark the passing of classmate Michael J. Course.
02/19/2009:   Update Sharon Brooks-Twist's email address.
02/09/2009:   Update Sandy O'Neil-Koppelberger's email address.
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