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09/21/2011:   Mark the passing of classmate June Stroud-Robinson.
08/29/2011:   Mark the passing of classmate Kathryn "Kate" Mahaffey.
08/04/2011:   Update Coffee Clutch page, notes from August 4 meeting.
08/04/2011:   Update Veterans page with Richard Heering's military info.
08/01/2011:   Update Veterans page with Michael Cook's military info.
07/04/2011:   Update Veterans page with Brent Jackson's military info.
05/25/2011:   Mark the passing of classmate Terry Lee Warwick.
05/07/2011:   Mark the passing of classmate Janice Ann Scheffler-Ferns.
05/03/2011:   Post photo of a 2010 Summer gathering. GUESS WHO?
03/26/2011:   Update Coffee Clutch page, notes from March 6 meeting.
03/09/2011:   Update Coffee Clutch , possible Mar. 26th, Vantage Point, impromptu mtg.
03/09/2011:   Mark the passing of classmate Arthur D. Rylander.
02/07/2011:   Update 50th Reunion Plans with Class of '61 reunion ideas.
01/07/2011:   Post 1959 Washington Jr. High Yearbook photo album in JPG format.(faster downloads)
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