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The following are the 2008 updates. If you would like to submit an item, email Len Patterson
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12/12/2008:   Post Marilyn Caron-Budde's email address.
12/12/2008:   Post Don Brown's Reunion and pre-high school photos email address.
11/07/2008:   Post Linda Adams-Nechemias' email address.
10/19/2008:   Post 85 more images of the 2008 reunion - Album 5
10/18/2008:   Mark the passing of Robert Stoutenburg, classmate Richard Stoutenburg's brother
10/06/2008:   Post image of Rooosevelt School 5th Grade - 1956 - Photo
09/30/2008:   Post two images of Allendale Kindergarten Class 1951 - Photo#1 and Photo#2
09/26/2008:   Post Sandra Birtch-Newell's email address.
09/20/2008:   We have invalid email addresses or individauls need to add Len Patterson's email address to their address book:
HUNWICK, Susan  LANGE, Linda  LEVITT, Carol  SODERBERG, Gerald  VANEVERY, Rick   
Would each of you send Len an email to confirm your email address, please?
09/18/2008:   Wanda Hunt-Pratt has dicovered 8mm video of graduation, researching to convert to DVD.
09/16/2008:   Mark the passing of Larry G. Mudie, Aug. 21, 2008, Portage, Michigan.
09/09/2008:   Robert "Bob" Moore is found, email address added. Check out the Message Board
09/07/2008:   Add Len Patterson's email address to your address book: email address. Some emails are being rejected.
09/07/2008:   Jerome "Jerry" Pilat is found. Check out the Message Board
08/21/2008: estabished this date.
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