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Last update:  Jan. 146, 2019
August 30, 2008
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August 21, 2021

From Len Patterson:

Hello, I'm glad you are visiting my web site dedicated to my fellow classmates from Port Huron High School, Class of 1963. I trust that you will be able to gain a sense of who we are.

My priority is to represent the class and all of its activities from the past, present and future. It is my intent to focus on family-like relationships, the healthy kind that builds people up and enhances their lives.

The limited information found here is to peak your interest. If you find the page rewarding, please share it with other classmates. I have a limited number of classmates on my mailing list.!

Blessings to you,
Len Patterson


   Honoring those we lost in 2018:

02/11/2018 — Davis, Robert "Bob" V.
04/09/2018 — Worden, Sue Easton
04/11/2018 — Harris, Charles
05/06/2018 — Maes, Camilla Checkley
05/07/2018 — Stewart, Robert K.
05/18/2018 — Fogle, Sylvia Eileen Pattison
06/23/2018 — Koob, Beverly J. Conway
07/24/2018 — Conant, Karen E. Marshall
07/24/2018 — Coleman, Terry L. A flag for a veteran
09/21/2018 — Saunders, Jerry
09/27/2018 — Genaw, David
11/06/2018 — Menerey, Judy Jurk
11/15/2018 — Nicholson, Gary J. A flag for a veteran
12/13/2018 — Shevnock, Ron
12/16/2018 — Harrington, Karl

HAPPY NEW YEAR... to all that read this. We are blessed to see another year. My favorite childhood song is one I choose to let my life be guided by: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, name them one by one. The thief comes in the night to steal, kill and destroy. Many of us have lost loved ones, close friends, leaving us feeling the loss and alone. BUT, the Lord has blessed us in that they were a part of our life, and their memory lives on in us. Let us be a tribute to them in sharing the memories that we have. In the past year we have lost fifteen classmates, more then any other year. Take the time to attend a coffee or a breakfast to renew a relationship and let someone know what they have meant to you. Happy New Year and may God continue to shine upon you and your family. ...from Len & Sue.

     – To provide the best possible classmate communication path as possible.
     – Bring to the attention of others the importance of being together.
     – To freely promote all classmate activities locally or out of state.
  Do you remember these trivia answers?
     – Class flower? ... Lilly of the Valley
     – Class colors? ... Coral and White
     – Class motto? ... Our errors in the past, our gains in the future.
     – Senior Prom Location? ... Kenwick Terrace, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
     – Senior Play? ... "Dear Delinquent"
     – Football record? ... Season record was 4 - 2 -1
     – Prom Queen/King? ... Laura Marlette & Charlie Huebner
     – Class Veledictorian? ... 3 - David Bailey, Robert McIntyre, James E. Miller
     – Who was Saulutatorian? ... Catherine Moore
     – Who wrote the fight song? ... Orv Payton. father of Judi Payton
     – Who were the class officers? ... Mark Sokoloff (Pres), Neil Hollenshead (VP),  Alice Carson (Sec), Tom Gaffney (Tres)
If you have moved, please print and mail this "change of address form" or send me an email.
Link to tribute page Gareth J.
Nov. 15th
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Update: Jan. 6th

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American Grill
Jan. 21st @ 9:00AM

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Kaffee Klatsch
T.B.D. 2019
@ 10:00AM
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