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The Port Huron High School Class of 1963 Reunion was held on July 27th, 2013 @ The Pavilion.
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Those classmates with a I have expressed interest in coming had expressed an interest in attending the 50th reunion.
KEY:  Yes, I am attending – Attending (177)      No, sorry I will miss it  – Not Attending (53)    <blank>  – No Response     Missing in action  – Missing Classmates (25)
          Remembered, not forgotten  – In Memoriam (121)     Star of Recognition  – Web Page Sponsor (13)

blank space  Abbott, Donita
Remembered, not forgotten  Abernethy, Heather J.
Yes, I am attending  Ackerman, Wilanne H. Kimball
blank space  Adams, Bessie L.
Remembered, not forgotten  Adams, Edward C.
Yes, I am attending  Adams, Linda Nechemias
Yes, I am attending  Adams, Sharon C. Kaiser
Remembered, not forgotten  Alderdyce, Diane M.
Remembered, not forgotten  Alexander, Jay F.
Yes, I am attending  Alexis, Linda R. Vanderlake Star of Recognition
Expressed positive interest  Alexis, Mary H.
Missing in action  Allen, Carroll
Remembered, not forgotten  Allen, Roberta E.
Remembered, not forgotten  Allen, Sandra K.
Yes, I am attending  Almanza, Emily
Yes, I am attending  Alvinger, Maj M. Bergman
Missing in action  Anderson, Carolyn A.
blank space  Anderson, David
No, sorry I will miss it  Andres, Gary
No, sorry I will miss it  Appleford, Richard K.
blank space  Armstead, Walter W.
blank space  Armstrong, Nancy Wagner
No, sorry I will miss it  Armstrong, Ralph N.
Yes, I am attending  Arnett, Stanley K.
blank space  Arthur, Mary L. Barton
Expressed positive interest  Askar, Linda
Yes, I am attending  Atfield, Caryl Butler
Yes, I am attending  Badgerow, Linda J. Fretenborough
Yes, I am attending  Badley, Charles A.
Yes, I am attending  Bailey, Barb Gillespie
No, sorry I will miss it  Bailey, David G.
Remembered, not forgotten  Bailey, Richard H.
Remembered, not forgotten  Ballentine, Robert "Skip"
Yes, I am attending  Ballentine, Sharon Wolvin
blank space  Balkwill, Richard P.
Remembered, not forgotten  Balmer, Richard J.
Remembered, not forgotten  Bambusch, Barbara J.
blank space  Barden, William A.
Remembered, not forgotten  Bargenam, Tom
Remembered, not forgotten  Barnes, Barbara A. Gobeyn
Yes, I am attending  Barr, Ronald G.
Remembered, not forgotten  Bartlett, William
blank space  Bassett, Judith E.
blank space  Bates, Beverly M.
Remembered, not forgotten  Battle, Samuel E.
blank space  Bauer, Patrick J.
Remembered, not forgotten  Beadle, Dennis
Remembered, not forgotten  Bealer, Donna J. Havens
blank space  Beauchaine, James A.
blank space  Beaudry, Ruth
blank space  Beauparland, Donald R.
Yes, I am attending  Bell, Barbara L. Eschker
Yes, I am attending  Bell, Zenoba
Remembered, not forgotten  Benedict, Christopher K.
No, sorry I will miss it  Bennett, Jay R.
Remembered, not forgotten  Berdan, R. Larry
blank space  Bergh, Nancy J.
Remembered, not forgotten  Berk, Sheila M.
Yes, I am attending  Betts, Richard A.
Yes, I am attending  Beyer, Susan J. Lukasik
blank space  Bieniek, Valeria A.
Yes, I am attending  Birtch, Sandra Newell
Remembered, not forgotten  Bivins, John
Yes, I am attending  Blank, Marianne Kemp Star of Recognition
blank space  Bloink, Betty L.
blank space  Bloomfield, Linda L.
No, sorry I will miss it  Bloxom, Karen M. Fearn
Remembered, not forgotten  Boman, Jennie L.
Yes, I am attending  Bond, David
Expressed positive interest  Boomer, Sharon L. Hall
Yes, I am attending  Booth, Marilyn R. Epps Star of Recognition
No, sorry I will miss it  Borgerson, Anne Waxon
Remembered, not forgotten  Bottomley, Bonnie
Yes, I am attending  Bowl, Elizabeth G.
blank space  Boyer, Robin L.
blank space  Brahmer, Catherine I. Phipps
blank space  Brennan, Grace L.
Remembered, not forgotten  Brennan, Patrick M.
Expressed positive interest  Briones, Eulalio M.
Yes, I am attending  Bronson, Mary J. Winters
Yes, I am attending  Brooks, Sharon G. Twist
Yes, I am attending  Brown, Donald H.
blank space  Brown, Lynda B .
blank space  Brown, Ruth A.
Expressed positive interest  Bubel, Charlene L. Thoms
Yes, I am attending  Budinger, Nancy J.
Missing in action  Burgett, Richard G.
Remembered, not forgotten  Burns, Judith A.
Remembered, not forgotten  Burns, Judith M.
No, sorry I will miss it  Burrows, Linda L. Taylor
No, sorry I will miss it  Burrows, Michael J.
Expressed positive interest  Butler, Aaron Larry
blank space  Butler, Lillian Smith
Yes, I am attending  Campbell, Lenora K. Anderson
Expressed positive interest  Carlisle, Dennis W.
Remembered, not forgotten  Carr, Charles D.
Expressed positive interest  Carr, Daniel J.
No, sorry I will miss it  Carson, Alice E.
Expressed positive interest  Carson, Linda L. Bailey
Yes, I am attending  Carson, Marilyn J. Budde
No, sorry I will miss it  Caulkett, Judith A. Beckman
Yes, I am attending  Cline, Carolyn K. Soroka
Missing in action  Clouse, Linda G. Griffin
Remembered, not forgotten  Coats, Judith L.
blank space  Cole, Ronald A.
blank space  Coleman, Bessie
blank space  Coleman, Joyce
blank space  Coleman, Terry
Remembered, not forgotten  Collins, Darleen R.
Expressed positive interest  Conant, Karen E. Marshall
Expressed positive interest  Conquergood, Melvin D.
Expressed positive interest  Cook, Jerald M.
Expressed positive interest  Cook, Michael R.
blank space  Coronado, Gabriel C.
Expressed positive interest  Cortez, Charles
Remembered, not forgotten  Course, Michael J.
Remembered, not forgotten  Cowan, John
Yes, I am attending  Crawford, Gary A.
Yes, I am attending  Cressman, Joel L.
blank space  Crockett, Stanley
blank space  Crooker, Donna J.
Yes, I am attending  Crouch, James L.
Expressed positive interest  Culp, Lorne E.
blank space  Culp, Suzanne E. Dean
Yes, I am attending  Cumming, Carol S. Griffin Star of Recognition
blank space  Dake, Doris M.
blank space  Daley, Thomas E.
Remembered, not forgotten  Daly, Mary Alice
Expressed positive interest  Damec, Barbara L.
Yes, I am attending  Dangremond, Joan Fuller
Remembered, not forgotten  Daniels, Charles
Remembered, not forgotten  Daniels, Donna S.
Yes, I am attending  Davis, Cheryl L.
Expressed positive interest  Davis, Janet B .
blank space  Davis, Larry E.
No, sorry I will miss it  Davis, Larry J.
Expressed positive interest  Davis, Lula P. Glover
blank space  Davis, Marlene
blank space  Davis, Richard H.
Remembered, not forgotten  Davis, Richard L.
Expressed positive interest  Davis, Robert V.
Remembered, not forgotten  Dease, Clifford
blank space  DeCoste, Marie M. Winkler
Remembered, not forgotten  Diggs, Charles
blank space  Doan, Diane
blank space  Dodge, Gary L.
Missing in action  Donavan, Patrick
blank space  Drake, Darwin
Remembered, not forgotten  Duncan, Mary
Remembered, not forgotten  Dunkel, Deanna Serna
Yes, I am attending  Dunn, David B.
Missing in action  Durrant, Barbara J. Hiscock
No, sorry I will miss it  Eastman, Kenneth G.
Missing in action  Easton, Grace E. Taylor
Yes, I am attending  Eckenswiller, Pauline K.
blank space  Eckstein, Betty L. Thierry
blank space  Edie, Robert
blank space  Emerick, Carol L. Vass
blank space  Emerick, Dorothy M.
Yes, I am attending  Emunson, Don
Missing in action  Essenmacher, Patrick H.
blank space  Evenson, Daniel J.
blank space  Fairman, Stephen G.
Yes, I am attending  Falk, Judy D.
Remembered, not forgotten  Feher, Louis E.
Yes, I am attending  Fenner, Mary K.
Yes, I am attending  Ferdinand, Peter
blank space  Ferguson, Steve D.
Yes, I am attending  Ferns, Howard
Remembered, not forgotten  Ferrell, Paulette
Yes, I am attending  Fiedler, Thomas M.
No, sorry I will miss it  Flood, Carole A.
Yes, I am attending  Fockler, Pamela Savalle
Yes, I am attending  Fogle, Sylvia Pattison
Remembered, not forgotten  Forro, Jacqueline Anderson
Expressed positive interest  Forstner, Pauline Glombowski
Remembered, not forgotten  Fountain, Lila K. Schutt
Remembered, not forgotten  Fowler, Pearl A. Mollan
No, sorry I will miss it  Fox, Sally R.
blank space  Freeman, William
blank space  Fry, Nancy K.
No, sorry I will miss it  Furness, Gerald R.
blank space  Gaffield, Beth C. Hines
Remembered, not forgotten  Gaffney, Thomas J.
Yes, I am attending  Gallacher, Sandra K.
No, sorry I will miss it  Ganhs, John
blank space  Garrett, Ronald
No, sorry I will miss it  Gauthier, John
No, sorry I will miss it  Gavin, Michael
blank space  Genaw, Dave
Yes, I am attending  George, Peter
No, sorry I will miss it  Gerrow, Frances M.
Yes, I am attending  Gibbs, Susan K.
Yes, I am attending  Gilroy, Michael J.
Remembered, not forgotten  Gingrich, Timothy J.
No, sorry I will miss it  Glombowski, Barbara K.
Expressed positive interest  Gofton, Gary L.
Remembered, not forgotten  Gogel, John A.
Yes, I am attending  Goldstein, Marilyn M. Varty
Remembered, not forgotten  Goodman, Jonna
Yes, I am attending  Gordon, George E.
No, sorry I will miss it  Gostinger, Mary M.
No, sorry I will miss it  Goudie, Maureen A. VanCurler
Missing in action  Gould, Phillip
blank space  Grabbitt, Brenda L.
Yes, I am attending  Grant, George J.
No, sorry I will miss it  Gray, Frank E.
Remembered, not forgotten  Green, Albert
Remembered, not forgotten  Green, Nancy L.
Yes, I am attending  Green, Suzanne E. Bassett
Missing in action  Greene, Milton N.
Remembered, not forgotten  Gregg, Diane E. Gross
blank space  Gregory, Nancy K.
blank space  Gross, Alvin L.
Remembered, not forgotten  Guitar, Brian L.
Yes, I am attending  Gurnsey, Michael K.
Yes, I am attending  Guy, Constance A.
Expressed positive interest  Haddad, Suzanne M. Weis
blank space  Haeck, James P.
blank space  Haines, Karen L.
Yes, I am attending  Hale, Robert J.Star of Recognition
Yes, I am attending  Hall, Barbara Sue
blank space  Hall, Christine A.
Remembered, not forgotten  Hall, Deanna L. Olshove
blank space  Hall, Robert Louis
Remembered, not forgotten  Hall, Vickki
Expressed positive interest  Hamilton, Richard J.
blank space  Hammond, Gilbert
Yes, I am attending  Hancock, Barbara H.
Expressed positive interest  Hardman, Carol A.
Yes, I am attending  Hardy, Katherine J. Kellogg
Yes, I am attending  Harrington, Gloria J.
blank space  Harrington, Karl W.
blank space  Harris, Charles D.
Yes, I am attending  Harris, Janice H. Bond Star of Recognition
Yes, I am attending  Harwood, Russ A.
No, sorry I will miss it  Hawes, Judith Burrows
blank space  Hayner, George O.
Yes, I am attending  Heering, Richard L.
blank space  Hency, Charles J.
Remembered, not forgotten  Hensel, Scott C.
Expressed positive interest  Hering, Carl
blank space  Hess, David J.
Yes, I am attending  Hill, Mary K. Colgan
Missing in action  Hines, Joel
Yes, I am attending  Hobbs, Martha Camm
blank space  Hobden, Frederick J.
Yes, I am attending  Hock, Gary R.Star of Recognition
Remembered, not forgotten  Hock, Katherine I. Adams
Remembered, not forgotten  Hodgins, Ralph D.
Missing in action  Hoffman, Carol A.
Yes, I am attending  Hollenshead, Neill H.
No, sorry I will miss it  Holmes, Candace L.
blank space  Holmes, Dale V.
Remembered, not forgotten  Holth, Carolyn J.
Remembered, not forgotten  Hong, Robert
blank space  Hoopengarner, Karron G.
Remembered, not forgotten  Hoover, Evalyn P.
No, sorry I will miss it  Hoover, Pamela S.
Yes, I am attending  Horn, Earl
No, sorry I will miss it  Hostetter, George W.
Remembered, not forgotten  Howe, Barbara L. Childers
Remembered, not forgotten  Howe, Jane L. Sosnowski
Missing in action  Howey, James
Yes, I am attending  Huebner, Charles P.Star of Recognition
Yes, I am attending  Huff, G. Robert
No, sorry I will miss it  Hull, Linda M.
Expressed positive interest  Hull, Rick
Yes, I am attending  Hunt, Wanda J. Pratt Star of Recognition
Remembered, not forgotten  Hunwick, Bernard B.
blank space  Hutchinson, Sharon I. Tack
Remembered, not forgotten  Hux, Marcina
blank space  Inch, Marilyn J.
blank space  Ingles, Doris
Remembered, not forgotten  Ingram, Charles R.
Yes, I am attending  Irwin, Ineen Gorter Star of Recognition
Expressed positive interest  Jackoski, Michael P.
Yes, I am attending  Jackson, Brent
Remembered, not forgotten  Jacoby, Sharyn Hitchings
Remembered, not forgotten  Jex, Charlene L. Watson
blank space  Johnson, Larry J.
Yes, I am attending  Johnson, Richard A.Star of Recognition
Missing in action  Johnston, Ray E.
Remembered, not forgotten  Jones, Alfred
Expressed positive interest  Jones, David M.
Yes, I am attending  Jones, Thomas M.
Yes, I am attending  Jurk, Dale M.
Remembered, not forgotten  Kaczmarczyk, David
blank space  Kaltz, Carol
Expressed positive interest  Karen, Becky
Remembered, not forgotten  Karl, James
Expressed positive interest  Kaufmann, Jacqueline R.
Yes, I am attending  Kearney, Carol
blank space  Keeler, Sandra Rocha
Missing in action  Keeley, Carol A.
Yes, I am attending  Keeley, Richard E.
Yes, I am attending  Kellogg, Jeffrey C.
blank space  Kellogg, Noel
blank space  Kelly, Richard C.
Yes, I am attending  Kemp, James R. Star of Recognition
Remembered, not forgotten  Kercher, Gary
Yes, I am attending  Kerr, A. Raymond
Remembered, not forgotten  Kidd, Gary
Expressed positive interest  Kidd, Sandra
Missing in action  Kielman, Janet E.
No, sorry I will miss it  Kilbourne, Allen J.
Yes, I am attending  Kimball, William D.
Yes, I am attending  King, Don
Remembered, not forgotten  King, Jeannette D. Slavin
Yes, I am attending  King, Joanne Westrick
Yes, I am attending  King, Ralph E.
Expressed positive interest  Kinna, Gerald R.
Yes, I am attending  Kirby, George
blank space  Klass, Dennis
blank space  Klause, Eric
Yes, I am attending  Klohn, Kay F.
Yes, I am attending  Knill, Karen Swanson
Yes, I am attending  Knowles, John
Yes, I am attending  Kolberg, Carol Watson
blank space  Koob, Beverly
blank space  Koppelberger, Myron
blank space  Koschnick, Joan M.
Missing in action  Kota, Elaine Stieb
blank space  Koyne, Christine
Yes, I am attending  Kraft, Carolyn S. Beck
Expressed positive interest  Krampien, Joan E.
Expressed positive interest  Krampien, Rosemary
Remembered, not forgotten  Krause, William
blank space  Krauss, May A. Willis
Yes, I am attending  Krenke, Heather L.
No, sorry I will miss it  Krupp, Charlene S. Catalina
Yes, I am attending  Krupp, Marilyn A. Dunn
Expressed positive interest  Kruse, Joanne M. Cronce
Expressed positive interest  LaFrance, Nancy C.
Yes, I am attending  Lake, Paul H.
Remembered, not forgotten  LaLonde, Jack D.
No, sorry I will miss it  Lampard, Edith L.
No, sorry I will miss it  Lang, Mary L. Stovall
Yes, I am attending  Lange, Linda D. Nugent
Expressed positive interest  Langolf, Janet E. Saunders
blank space  Lasher, Barbara L. Raymond
blank space  Lawler, Barbara J.
blank space  Lawrence, E. Grove.
Yes, I am attending  Leathorn, Vicki A. Lawrence
Expressed positive interest  Leffler, Carol M.
Remembered, not forgotten  Leonard, Sharon
Yes, I am attending  Lester, Dawn D. Dunsmore
Yes, I am attending  Levitt, Carole Hirchfield
blank space  Lewis, Gary L.
Expressed positive interest  Lincoln, Roberta M.
No, sorry I will miss it  Linert, Carol A. Eastman
No, sorry I will miss it  Lixey, Dennis M.
Remembered, not forgotten  Loeding, Charlene A.
Remembered, not forgotten  Loga, Arnold R.
Yes, I am attending  London, Bonnie J. Miller
No, sorry I will miss it  London, Diane
blank space  Lunney, Judith A. Hampton
No, sorry I will miss it  Lymburner, George M.
Yes, I am attending  Lytle, JoAnn F. Worden
blank space  MacDonald, Linda
No, sorry I will miss it  MacEachin, Janet A. Wagstaff
Yes, I am attending  MacPherson, Lynne DearStar of Recognition
Expressed positive interest  Maes, Barbara L.
blank space  Maes, Camilla
Remembered, not forgotten  Mahaffy, Kathryn L.
Yes, I am attending  Manchester, Diana L. Zander
Remembered, not forgotten  Marks, Kenneth G.
Yes, I am attending  Marlette, Laura J. Huebner Star of Recognition
Yes, I am attending  Marlette, Thomas T.
Yes, I am attending  Marone, Jane L. Phelps
Yes, I am attending  Marsh, Thomas L.
No, sorry I will miss it  Marshall, John R.
blank space  Martin, Rhea J. Kamendat
Expressed positive interest  Matts, Timothy F.
Remembered, not forgotten  Maxon, Clair G.
Yes, I am attending  Maxon, Sandy (C.G. Spouse)
Yes, I am attending  Maynard, Gail L.
blank space  McAuley, Louis E.
Expressed positive interest  McCabe, Jill A.
Yes, I am attending  McCullough, Joanne G. Kovach
Expressed positive interest  McDonald, Janet D.
No, sorry I will miss it  McGahey, William J.
Remembered, not forgotten  McGinnis, Ruth Ann
Yes, I am attending  McIntyre, Kenneth J.
blank space  McIntyre, Judith A.
Expressed positive interest  McIntyre, Robert W.
blank space  McIntyre, Timothy
blank space  McKenzie, Duncan R.
Remembered, not forgotten  McLain, Peggy
blank space  McLane, Rick
Remembered, not forgotten  McMorran, Hugh
blank space  McNeil, Norma J.
No, sorry I will miss it  Mechan, Barbara J. Johnson
blank space  Melms, Diane J.
Yes, I am attending  Menerey, Judith K. Jurk
blank space  Michalsen, Paul M.
Remembered, not forgotten  Middleton, E. Lee
Expressed positive interest  Miller, Dale Lee
Yes, I am attending  Miller, Ivory L. Lucas
Expressed positive interest  Miller, James E.
blank space  Miller, John B.
Remembered, not forgotten  Miller, Victoria J. Hastings
blank space  Miller, Victoria L. Miller
Yes, I am attending  Minnie, Gary
Yes, I am attending  Mitchell, Donald E.
Expressed positive interest  Mitchell, Thomas J.
Remembered, not forgotten  Montney, Joanna Esquibel
Yes, I am attending  Mooney, Bonnie
Remembered, not forgotten  Moore, Catherine A. Sedore
Yes, I am attending  Moore, Robert T.
blank space  Moore, Sandra J.
blank space  Morley, Connie
Expressed positive interest  Morris, Wesley D.
Yes, I am attending  Morrison, Charles F.
Remembered, not forgotten  Mort, Barbara J.
blank space  Mosure, Janet K.
blank space  Mowrey, Andrew L.
Remembered, not forgotten  Mudie, Larry G.
blank space  Munro, Gerald
blank space  Murphy, Donna J. Vernon
blank space  Myron, Harland E.
Yes, I am attending  Nedela, Louise M.
Expressed positive interest  Neff, Madelynne E. Lane
blank space  Nester, Patricia K. Albee
blank space  Nestle, Arthur K.
Yes, I am attending  Newman, Dorothy Smith
Yes, I am attending  Nicholson, Gary
Remembered, not forgotten  Niebauer, Thomas M.
blank space  Nix, Joseph
blank space  Nordgren, Eileen C. Gluckenberger
Yes, I am attending  Norris, Sharon Miller
Remembered, not forgotten  Novak, Gary W.
Remembered, not forgotten  Nugent, Ozzie
blank space  Nuske, Kenneth R.
blank space  Nutt, Gary R.
Expressed positive interest  O'Brien, James C.
blank space  Odlum, Juergen D.
blank space  Oliver, Julie A.
Missing in action  Olsen, Jackie Hall
Expressed positive interest  O'Neil, Sandra S. Koppelberger
blank space  Ordowski, Wilma
blank space  O'Rourke, Patricia M. Ronan
Expressed positive interest  Ort, Judith L.
Expressed positive interest  Osborne, Edward D.
Remembered, not forgotten  Ostrom, David
blank space  Oussoren, Peter W.
blank space  Papineau, James F.
Yes, I am attending  Parr, Richard R.
Expressed positive interest  Parrish, John F.
blank space  Parrish, William A.
Yes, I am attending  Paton, Patricia
Yes, I am attending  Patterson, Leonard G.Star of Recognition
Yes, I am attending  Patton, Dennis E.
Yes, I am attending  Payton, Judith K. Brackenbury
blank space  Peck, Gary
Remembered, not forgotten  Perukel, Peter
Yes, I am attending  Pesano, Teddy J.
blank space  Peterson, Thomas
blank space  Phipps, Robert D.
Remembered, not forgotten  Pilat, Jerry
blank space  Pleger, Jim
Expressed positive interest  Pollock, Nancy
No, sorry I will miss it  Postill, Judith A. Hostetter
blank space  Powell, Susan
blank space  Precour, Nancy
Remembered, not forgotten  Purdy, Donald R.
Yes, I am attending  Radigan, Rodger J.
Yes, I am attending  Redmond, Jill E. Mercurio
blank space  Redmond, Lynda L.
Remembered, not forgotten  Reese, John J.
Yes, I am attending  Relken, Linda McNamara
Remembered, not forgotten  Revord, Diane O.
blank space  Reyes, Lenore A.
blank space  Reynolds, Robert
blank space  Rhody, Ronald E.
Remembered, not forgotten  Rich, Nancy E. Bennett
Remembered, not forgotten  Rich, William B.
blank space  Robbins, Austin H.
blank space  Roberts, Nancy L. Bustamte
blank space  Rodegeb, Sharon
blank space  Roe, Lorne
blank space  Rogers, Judy K.
No, sorry I will miss it  Ross, Bob
Remembered, not forgotten  Rosetta, Mary Anne
blank space  Roth, Kathleen A. Hegler
Yes, I am attending  Rowe, Robert
blank space  Rowland, Edward W.
blank space  Rubenstein, Bruce A.
Yes, I am attending  Ruebig, Cornelia B. Schecker
blank space  Russel, Janice V.
Remembered, not forgotten  Rylander, Arthur D.
blank space  Sanderson, Edward T.
Yes, I am attending  Sanford, Marlene
Yes, I am attending  Sari, Cynthia Vigrass
blank space  Sass, Earl
Yes, I am attending  Sass, Eldon F.
Yes, I am attending  Satterlee, Dale
blank space  Saunders, Gerald R.
Yes, I am attending  Schaidt, Gail
Remembered, not forgotten  Schattler, Norman A.
Remembered, not forgotten  Schatzline, Samuel
Remembered, not forgotten  Scheffler, Janice
Missing in action  Schmidt, Jon
blank space  Schmitt, Patrica
Expressed positive interest  Schneider, Chris
Yes, I am attending  Schnur, Barry
No, sorry I will miss it  Schoenberg, Carl
Yes, I am attending  Schoenberg, CarolStar of Recognition
blank space  Schott, Richard
blank space  Schrader, Michael
Missing in action  Schuck, Carol Pendergrass
Remembered, not forgotten  Schuck, Rev. Leigh
blank space  Schultz, Janice Carpa
Remembered, not forgotten  Schultz, Lousie Keenan
Yes, I am attending  Seibert, Sharon Whiting
Yes, I am attending  Sharrard, Kay
No, sorry I will miss it  Sharrow, Marilyn Davis
blank space  Shaw, James
Yes, I am attending  Shevnock, Donald Star of Recognition
Yes, I am attending  Shevnock, Ronald
blank space  Shier, Mike
Remembered, not forgotten  Siddall, John Richard
Yes, I am attending  Simerson, Margaret Nicholson
Remembered, not forgotten  Slack, Wesley
Yes, I am attending  Sloat, Janet Schutz
Yes, I am attending  Slumpff, Barbara Newhouse Star of Recognition
blank space  Smarch, Phillip
blank space  Smerer, Gloria
Remembered, not forgotten  Smith, Arlene Roddy
blank space  Smith, Diane
blank space  Smith, Gary
blank space  Smith, Larry
Yes, I am attending  Smith, Malcolm
Missing in action  Smith, Maxine Seeley
blank space  Smith, Ralph
Yes, I am attending  Smith, Sandra Hardaker
blank space  Smith, Walter
Remembered, not forgotten  Snyder, Mary Estrada
Expressed positive interest  Soderberg, Gerald
Expressed positive interest  Sokoloff, Mark
blank space  Sopha Charles
Expressed positive interest  Sparby, Phyllis Cortez
Expressed positive interest  Speer, Mamietta Bell
blank space  Spencer, Larry
Yes, I am attending  Sprague, Mary Amoe
No, sorry I will miss it  Spring, Gerald
blank space  Spring, Jack
blank space  Squires, Elwyn
Remembered, not forgotten  Stanley, Roger
Yes, I am attending  Stark, Audrey
Yes, I am attending  Stein, Tom
blank space  Stevens, Charles
Remembered, not forgotten  Stevenson, David
blank space  Stewart, Robert
blank space  Stone, Janet
blank space  Stoutenburg, Richard
Yes, I am attending  Strang, Linda Berlin
blank space  Strauss, Sally
Remembered, not forgotten  Stroud, June Robinson
blank space  Sullivan, Nancy
blank space  Sult, Joyce Emrick
Yes, I am attending  Sult, Robert
Expressed positive interest  Swett, Madlyn Blom
blank space  Tacie, Clifford
Remembered, not forgotten  Tallant, Edward
Remembered, not forgotten  Tatman, Gary W.
Remembered, not forgotten  Taylor, Carolyn
No, sorry I will miss it  Taylor, Linda Smalldon
Yes, I am attending  Teeple, David
Remembered, not forgotten  Teeple, Wayne
Yes, I am attending  Tenniswood, Daniel
blank space  Teplansky, Stephen
blank space  Terpening, Clyde
Yes, I am attending  Thomas, Bonnie Sprowl
Remembered, not forgotten  Thomason, Marva Shepard
blank space  Thompson, Jack
blank space  Thompson, Jeri
blank space  Thompson, Karen
blank space  Thompson, Robert
Yes, I am attending  Thornton, Brenda
Remembered, not forgotten  Tillman, Ernestine
blank space  Towns, Charles
blank space  Tracy, Ronald
blank space  Trudell, Chuck
blank space  Ulman, Sandra
blank space  Ulmer, Holly York
Remembered, not forgotten  Uresti, Joseph
Expressed positive interest  Utley, Diane Sulivan
Expressed positive interest  VanBuskirk, Steve
Yes, I am attending  Vanderlake, RobertStar of Recognition
blank space  VanEvery, Richard
Yes, I am attending  VanHaaften, Richard
Yes, I am attending  VanNess, Larwrence
Yes, I am attending  Varney, Floyd
Yes, I am attending  Varty, Robert
Remembered, not forgotten  Vasquez, Frank
Yes, I am attending  Vass, Shari Bukowski
Yes, I am attending  Vigrass, James
Remembered, not forgotten  Vos, Nancy
Expressed positive interest  Walsh, Betty Jo Loeprich
Yes, I am attending  Ward, Carol AllenStar of Recognition
Yes, I am attending  Warshefski, Jack
Remembered, not forgotten  Warwick, Terry
Remembered, not forgotten  Waun, Michael
Remembered, not forgotten  Webb, Cathleen Ewald
blank space  Wedge, Sharon Kanalos
Expressed positive interest  Weis, James
blank space  Weiss, Sharon Michael
blank space  Weiss, Peter
Expressed positive interest  Werner, Barbara Nickoloff
No, sorry I will miss it  Weston, Daniel
blank space  Westphal, Carole
Expressed positive interest  Westphal, Richard
Remembered, not forgotten  Wheelihan, Robert
Expressed positive interest  White, Dennis W.
Yes, I am attending  Whiting, John
blank space  Wickings, Susanne VanEvery
Remembered, not forgotten  Widdows, Sharon
Expressed positive interest  Williams, Betty
Expressed positive interest  Williams, Dores
Remembered, not forgotten  Williamson, Maurice E.
Remembered, not forgotten  Wilson Karen Easley
No, sorry I will miss it  Wilson, Mary Jo
Yes, I am attending  Wilson, Susan Katonak
blank space  Wilton, Ruthann
Yes, I am attending  Winters, CharlesStar of Recognition
Yes, I am attending  Wirsing, Marilyn Kuehn
Remembered, not forgotten  Wirtz, Adam
blank space  Wissing, Janet
Remembered, not forgotten  Wisson, Donna Smith
Yes, I am attending  Witter, Frederic
Missing in action  Wolff, Sandra
Yes, I am attending  Woods, Richard
Expressed positive interest  Woolley, Donald
Expressed positive interest  Worden, SueAnn
Yes, I am attending  Working, Elizabeth Rowley Star of Recognition
Remembered, not forgotten  Workman, Carmen
blank space  Wright, Sharon
Remembered, not forgotten  Yeo, William
Remembered, not forgotten  Young, Carl D.
blank space  Young, Marilyn
Remembered, not forgotten  Young, Richard
Remembered, not forgotten  Zander, Dawn Perry
Remembered, not forgotten  Zarling, Mary
blank space  Zauner, Joy
Expressed positive interest  Zotter, Frances DeWhitte
blank space  Zuehlke, William

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