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Washington Classmates from PHHS1963 Class
2013 Class Reunion - Washington Classmates
Mouseover each of the person's nose in the photo to learn their names.
In numerical order for those that mouse over does not work
1Ineen Irwin
2Barbara Bailey
4Gail Maynard
5Jeff Kellogg
6Tom Jones
7Bonnie Moonie
8Ron Barr
9Wanda Hunt
10Ralph King
12Kay Klohn
13Nancy Budinger
14Pat McFarlin (class '64)
15Judi Payton
16Carole Levitt
17Dave Bond
18Richard Johnson
19George Kirby
20Rick Heering
21John Knowles
22Bob Hale
23Tom Fiedler
24Laura Marlette
25Earl Horn
26Jim Vigrass
For this Reunion 2013 photo contact Photo Factory, Port Huron, MI
If you are one of the unknown, or know one of the individuals, please send me
an email so that I can update this web page. My apologies for not knowing them
all. For other Reunion 2013 photo contact Photo Factory, Port Huron, MI — Len Patterson
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Ineen Irwin Barbara Bailey /3aa Gail Maynard Jeff Kellogg Tom Jones Bonnie Moonie Ron Barr Wanda Hunt Ralph King /11aa Kay Klohn Nancy Budinger Pat McFarlin (Class of '64) Judi Payton Carole Levitt Dave Bond Richard Johnson George Kirby Rick Heering John Knowles Bob Hale Tom Fiedler Laura Marlette Earl Horn Jim Vigrass