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Fort Gratiot Classmates from PHHS1963 Class
2013 Class Reunion - Fort Gratiot Classmates
Mouseover each of the person's nose in the photo to learn their names.
In numerical order for those that mouse over does not work
1Joanne McCullough
2Bill Kimball
3Linda Alexis
4Carolyn Kraft-Beck
5Rick Parr
6Mary Hill
7Dale Sataerlee
8Ron Schevnockr
9Don Schevnock
10Jack Warshefski,
11George Grant
12Len Patterson
For this Reunion 2013 photo contact Photo Factory, Port Huron, MI
If you are one of the unknown, or know one of the individuals, please send me
an email so that I can update this web page. My apologies for not knowing them
all. For other Reunion 2013 photo contact Photo Factory, Port Huron, MI — Len Patterson
Drop organizers a line. Send email to Len Patterson at
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Joanne McCullough Bill Kimball Linda Alexis Carolyn Kraft-Beck Rick Parr Mary Hill Dale Satterlee Ron Schevnock Don Schevnock Jack Warshefski George Grant Len Patterson